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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant procedure consists on follicle extraction from the donor area to the recipient area (bald area) of the head.
We usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.
Hair transplant typically occur under local anaesthesia.
The majority of hair loss cases are due to variety of factors, including a family genetic history, diet, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance, medications.
We are perfectionists and passionate about our work.

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Plastic Surgery

Our approach is to involve the restoration and reconstruction of the patient body by providing personal care plan and using the latest and finest surgical techniques.
Adem & Havva clinic objective is to complete patient satisfaction with an individualized care and naturally beautiful results.

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Dental Aesthetic

The dentistry is based on improvement of the appearance of the patient's teeth with a purely aesthetic purpose that anyone can resort to achieve the perfect smile.
With us, the tooth is treated deeply not superficially.

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Hair Transplant - Before After

Adem Havva Health Group

Great experience

Adem&Havva Center has been conducted over 16,000 plastic surgeries.

Top hair transplant center among international patients

People from 45 countries choose the center to have esthetic procedures.

Luxury conditions of stays

During a hair transplant procedure in Turkey, a patient stays in a 5-star hotel and feels completely comfortable.


We at Adem & Havva Clinic are proud to have a highly qualified medical team with wide experience and specialized in performing hair transplant operations without any scars or any other side effects for the sculp.
That is due to the new up-to-date method in hair transplantation FUE; as the specialists choose a part of the back side of the head (the hair follicles donor area) and start harvesting the hair follicles without leaving any abnormal appearance of the donor area.
 In one hair transplant session, the estimated number of transplanted hair follicles is 4000-4500 due to the new FUE technique which gives a natural look to the man and stop reasons of baldness.

FUE technology

With the spectacular results of FUE technology in beard and moustache transplantation: beard and moustache transplant FUE does not leave any scars or deformities in the face of the patient and the pain is almost non-existent during the operation.
The difference is observed immediately after the operation, where the hair is permanently implanted, giving natural shape and density.

Eyebrow transplant

The demand for eyebrow transplant has been increased in the recent years by women from different ages; and even men have been tend to do eyebrow transplant for more youthful and more dense hair.